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The artwork of Mac Hillenbrand 

"painting with wood and resin"

Custom Prints

Greetings Interior Designers...

Need to truly mesmerize your clients...?
unique artworks out of wood are readily available for your unique projects... 
I offer you new approaches in fine art woodworking:
-Contemporary Laser Cut Marquetry Wood inlay
-"Waves in the Wood" series artworks made from local san Diego sourced and 'up-cycled' live-edge slabs
-Rippling water paintings and other original artworks utilizing wood dyes suspended in resin


Long dimensions, Organic shapes, natural object color pallets , 3 dimensional depth...
all via "Nature's Hologram" AKA Wood Grain 


Marquetry is a traditional furniture veneering art form I use to create contemporary painting out of wood inlay.  As a graduate of The American School of French Marquetry I've been trained in the traditional approaches to this medium however I'm on an artistic conquest to develop new approaches in making paintings out of wood which enable me to bring my own artistic visions to life.  specifically, I've developed a way of creating colored marquetry art which I varnish under a uv inhibiting resin.  This way I employ a never 

before realized palette of colors combining natural wood tones with stainwork, and

none of it fades!  This is why when people see my work they often tell me "they've never seen anything like it."  And, also why I've been gaining some traction in the local art scene, being named one of the "50 to watch" and having my works featured in the Del Mar Art Center Gallery, KAABOO 16' contemporary art showcase and Del Mar's International Design in Wood Competition.

Aside from the colored marquetry art I also use my staining dyes to create completely original abstract paintings within resin.  I've also started taking the process and creating works on plexiglass so that pieces can be hung in front of windows and cast a burst of prismatic colors around a room.  Essentially, I'm working as hard as I can to invent a few new mediums here.  So I implore you to take a look and ask your self these three questions;

1) have I ever seen anything like this? 2) Does this artist seem like he is on to something? 

3) Do I want to work with somebody elevating what's possible?  

Need Thematic multi-piece artworks?  just email or Call me to discuss the details of your project.  I'm happy to give you a quote for anything you need or simply walk you through my complete available inventory.  
Mac Hillenbrand: mac@amberwavesofgrain.gallery(858) 625-1883.  
Happy to Ship Promptly and Securely!  international and domestic shipping prices available upon request   

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