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The artwork of Mac Hillenbrand 

"painting with wood and resin"

Custom Prints

The "Waves In The Wood" Series 


Welcome and thanks for your interest in this art.

You're on to something pretty unique here...

a "Waves in the Wood" series painting is:

-An exploration of the surf breaks and fantasy coastlines embedded within the grain of a single board.

-An artistic invention by one, Mac Hillenbrand. 

-A completely original natural object that offer's it's owner a lifetime of joy. 

-An artwork exploring the cosmic parallel between the aesthetic patterns water moving through trees and the waves in the seas' share...

-A tool for promoting day dreaming in your life.

-A reminder that new surf breaks can still be discovered

-An often quite long artwork that can fit in places other artworks won't such as along a couch, over a doorway, on a soffit or  over a bed like a floating headboard

-a painting made out of a solid hardwood board, with waves hand painted along the grain lines in-between multiple layers of tinted high gloss UV-inhibiting Artresin' resin, signed in the wood, sealed on all sides and delivered with a sturdy French Cleat!

-A magnificent utilization of the 3-dimensional characteristics of nature's hologram; WOOD!

-A painting that uses time as a medium as the waves within it are derived from the annual grow rings of the tree.

-An often locally sourced piece of urban timber that would have gone to the landfill had it not been intercepted and turned into art.

-A wonderfully un-expected gift for anybody who loves Art, woodworking or the Ocean.


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