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The artwork of Mac Hillenbrand 

"painting with wood and resin"

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curriculum vitae

Current Position:

Owner Sole Proprietor, Full time (2014 -    ) Amber Waves of Grain marquetry art business

Owner Sole proprietor, part time (2005 -    ) Mac Hillenbrand California Licensed C-33 painting contractor (license #894610)

Owner Sole Proprietor, part time (2006 -    ) Disk Jockey Mac Hillenbrand


-Certificates in Boulle Marquetry, Piece by Piece and Painting in Wood, The American School of French Marquetry, San Diego (2014)

-Continuing adult education in E-commerce, entrepreneurship, social media, graphic design and professional practices for visual artists, Mira Costa College, San Diego, (2014)

-Completion of the documentary video production seminar, Bay Area Video Coalition (BVAC), San Francisco, (2003)

-B.A., Film and Digital Media with an Emphasis in Production, The University of California at Santa Cruz (2002)

Artist Guild memberships and Professional Associations:

-The Del Mar Art Center Gallery

-The Coronado Artist’s Association

-The Shelter Island Artist’s Association 

Selected Exhibitions:


    San Diego Festival of Arts juried festival

    Mission Federal Little Italy juried festival

    International Design in Wood Competition at the Del Mar Fair

    Solo Show Encinitas Main Street Association 

    Leucadia Artwalk juried festival

    Mission Federal Artwalk Carlsbad Juried Festival 

    Mill Valley Festival of Arts Juried festival

    Group exhibition '50 To Watch' The Studio Door Gallery

    Group exhibition Del Mar Art Center Gallery

    Group exhibition Cinopolis Del Mar

    Group exhibition Cinopolis La Costa 

    Group exhibition Del Mar Board Room Surf-art Showcase 

    Sunset Cliffs Art Festival 

    Dia De Los Muertos in La Colonia Park Solona Beach


    San Diego Festival of Arts juried festival

    Mission Federal Little Italy juried festival

    International Design in Wood Competition at the Del Mar Fair

    Solo Show Encinitas Main Street Association 

    Leucadia Artwalk juried festival

    Mission Federal Liberty Station juried festival

    Group exhibition Del Mar Art Center Gallery

    Group exhibition Cinopolis Del Mar

    Group exhibition Cinopolis La Costa 

    Dia De Los Muertos in La Colonia Park Solona Beach



     Solo show Teros Gallery

     Solo show Relm Wine Beer Bistro Carlsbad

     Solo show OBR Architectural Firm Gallery

     Solo show Counter Point bar and restaurant

     San Diego Festival of Arts juried festival

     Group exhibition '50 To Watch' The Studio Door Gallery

     Mission Federal Little Italy juried festival

     Mission Federal Liberty Station juried festival

     Old Town Art Walk juried festival

     La Jolla Art and Wine juried festival

     KAABOO Del Mar Contemporary Art Showcase


     (2015 and before )

     Del Mar 'Taste and Art Stroll' juried festival (2015) 

     Kruglak gallery Oceanside (up)root (2015)

     Kruglak gallery Oceanside student group show (2015)

     Member of ‘Operation Mind blow’ psychedelic projection performance at The Casbah and Soda            

     Bar San Diego (2011)

     The French Fry Factory Oakland Group show (2004)

     The Experimental Film and Video Showcase Santa Cruz (2002)

Musical Performances:


            -Special events Disk Jockey around San Diego at Bar Pink and The Bluefoot tavern

            -Disk Jockey features at Pop Montreal (2011)

            -Resident Disk Jockey at The Soda Bar San Diego Tuesday nights (2010)

            -Resident Disk Jockey at Ruby Lounge Oakland every Tuesday nights (2005 – 2006)

            -Facilitated O.N.E. The Oakland Noise Experiment an experimental sound performance/installation in which I invited the entirety of the general public to               come to The French Fry Factory with anything they wanted to make noise with and create what ended up being a uniquely undulating all night long                       deafening noise rocker community achievement in collaborative sound creation. (2004)

Curatorial Projects:


             -Founder/owner of the French Fry Factory DIY underground art space/music venue/sound stage.  Oakland (2003 – 2005.) 


             -Promoting and hosting 100+ live music and art events with hundreds of diverse musical acts and artists at the French fry Factory. 

Drunk Horse > Year Future > Harold Ray Live in Concert > Go Go Go Airheart > Weegs > The Wanton > So So Many White White Tigers > Stay Gold Pony Boy > The SleavesSpace Vacume From Outerspace > Mae Shi > The Commonwealth > Wrangler Brutes > Caesura > Chow Nasty > Fastpass > Fuzz Plow > Cushion Theory > The Hut Dwellers > Dirty Power > Ned > The Angry Amputees > TnA > Billion Stars > The Mouth Offs > Shevel Knievel > Espontaneos > Sourpuss > Boy Found Floating > Box Car Theory > Dynamite 8 > Communique' > The Randies > Collateral > Run Return > Dave Gleason's Wasted Days > Boy Jazz > The Foxgloves Family > Dirty Power > Sweetbriar > Hijack The Disco > Sorcery > The Dead Hensons > OMGWTF > Weirdo Begeirdo > Abe Vagota > The Western Dark > Hello Astronaut > Two Gallants > Drunken Style > The Band Called "Fred" > Oakland Noise Experiment > Caldera > The Pixal Panda > Jascha Ephraim > The Shudders > Dusty Rhodes and the River Band > The Unicorn Stickers > Replicator > Myotonia > xiu xiu > The Better To See You With > Hale Zukas > Archeopteryx > Dura Mater > Siberia > The Thrones > Good For Cows > Sedan > Valient Thor > Night After Night > Chutner Khan / Ghangis Kahn > The Appreciation > Sleeping People > Top Brown > Aleph Research > The Best Pals > Porch > My Sexual Dad > The Get Hustle > Joseph Smigel > Death of a Party > Fellicio & Cocktapus > The Holykiss > Teneber > Asunder > The One AM Radio > Drink The Bleach > Wires On Fire > Old Grandad > Eleni Mandell > Killing Spree > Greenhouse Effect > Minus The Fashion > Skiffington > Oma Yang > The Hot Rollers > The Roots of Orchus > The Nervous Breakdowns > Necking > The Coachwips > Earthless > Psychic Paramount > The Cuts > Paradise Island > The Go > 7 year Rabbit Cycle> Gift of Goats > The Jailbirds

            -Facilitated ‘The Residents’ Commercial Album DVD release/premier event in which many internationally acclaimed video artists who contributed works                 toward the project travelled from abroad to be in attendance.  After the initial event held at the French Fry Factory this event later toured to the New York               and London MOMA.


            -Facilitated ‘The Residents’ Animal Lover album release/listening party event and currated a group showing of artist’s work inspired by the wide world of               ‘The Residents’ fandom.


            -Facilitated the rehearsal space for the Omega all African American theater group production of August Wilson’s ‘Jitney’.


            -Facilitated multiple not for profit benefits for organizations ranging from local galleries to Not In Our Name to the 2004 tsunami relief effort.


            -Proudly offered a dirty hard rock venue that continued and celebrated the local musical heritage of Oakland and the greater bay area.

"I'm the French Fry Factory. I'm Mac, the guy who runs the show here. I'm you, the person who's band has played here. I'm you, the person who shot a movie here. I'm you, the person who rehearsed a play here. I'm you, who displayed their art here. I'm you, the fan who supported the venue and came to see it all go down. I'm the underground film connection. I'm Oakland's rock and roll palace. I'm the rawest fuckin' art gallery space East of the bay. I'm the shelter for radness and the defenderite of your right to party." - 2004


            Solo through hiked the John Muir Trail solo 2006

            Founding the French Fry Factory

            Restored a home built in the 1850 in Eastport Maine

            Raising an amazing daughter named Violet 



Second Place, Mira Costa College Annual Student Show for “Violet’s Art Table” (2015)

Harvest Festival “Rising Star” award and scholarship

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