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The artwork of Mac Hillenbrand 

"painting with wood and resin"

Custom Prints


Want to see the work in person?  
Option 1):  The home appointment


 I say "home appointment" but I'll be glad to set a time to show you the art of your choosing wherever you're considering hanging it... Be it your home, office or local business. There's no better way to see how the work will actually look on your walls.  And don’t forget the vibes and feelings. What presence can this art can have in your space? What feeling do you get from having it there? 


Consider this a free art consultation! Because, as it turns out, I happen to be an expert on my own art and have worked directly with many patrons to install my pieces in some of the most architecturally significant homes in Southern California.  You think you want a piece for above your fireplace but then we might discover that the work actually looks best as a floating headboard above your bed.  Call me up.  I'd be thrilled to discuss what specific work will suit your space and truly elevate your life.  If you end up purchasing anything I’m happy to install it then and there.  No framing required.  Every piece is flush mounted with sturdy French cleats.  And every piece is completely sealed in UV-inhibiting resin, ready to live in any room in your house including kitchens and bathrooms.  There’s most likely more possibilities with how this art can add experiential value to your “day to day” than you might have originally considered.  I’m happy to help you move forward with this excellent opportunity to acquire thematic work, A big statement piece, small color punctuations, room elongating horizontal works…And to do this by essentially inviting a bit of nature into your space…An artwork out of wood!     


This is really a high value proposition if I can say so myself.  Designers, architects and contractors charge a lot for this service I’m offering simply for the prospect of being able to sell my art.  Actually, I can say this because unlike most artists I also happen to be a

C-33 licensed contractor.  Yes, that’s the technical painting and decorating classification!  So the professional install goes quick and easy.  No need to hire an installer or lift anything yourself when you work with me.  Did I mention I offer a 10% discount if you end up purchasing more than 1 piece?  Why not take me up on the very best of what I can provide you with this uniquely amazing art and friendly local service?  I enthusiastically await your call/text or email 858 625-1883 / mac@amberwavesofgrain.gallery

– Mac Hillenbrand

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