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The artwork of Mac Hillenbrand 

"painting with wood and resin"

Custom Prints

Want to order a Custom Rippling Water painting from the "Some Blue Velvet Morning Pond" series?
Dive right In!
Did you know that humans naturally feel more tranquil around water?  I know I've always felt that way.  That's why I started making these "Rippling Water" paintings...To promote a presence of tranquility in a room.   Technically I call these works the "Some Blue Velvet Morning Pond" series, a reference to the truly psychedelic song "Some Velvet Morning" by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood!  
How's it Made? 
I've pioneered a process in which I suspend concentrated woodworking dyes in resin by marbelizing it with my hands over several pours.  I wear gloves of course... I'd show you but then I'd be the magician giving up his secrets... I can tell you though that the resin I use is high gloss UV-inhibiting and that each piece comes with nice French Cleat hanging hardware for a sleek flush mounting.  
Want a Rippling Water Table? 
These pieces can be used for a table top and I'm happy to design a table to spec for you:)
Pricing based upon Dimension ~ 2D "rippling water" art: $.50 / sq" 
Here's a simple overview of my commission process
step 1:   You call or email to let me know what you're thinking you'd like.  If you'd like, We can set an appointment for me to come see where you intend to have the art live.  That way I can discuss what might work best and get dimensions. 
Step 2:  I'll email you over a price and time of delivery quote as well as  a simple commission contract for you to review and sign.  With a singed contract and initial 50% payment received we're then off and running..
Step 3:  I take a %50 initial payment 
Step 4:  I do the work, A process I quite enjoy:)  
Step 5:  I'll personally hand deliver and install the work  anywhere in San Diego.  
  just email or Call me to discuss the details of your project.  I'm happy to give you a quote for anything you need.  
Mac Hillenbrand: mac@amberwavesofgrain.gallery(858) 625-1883.
Currently Available Pieces  
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