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The artwork of Mac Hillenbrand 

"painting with wood and resin"

Custom Prints

The Kelp Leopard (2 of 6)

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Product Details

This is a hand cut marquetry artwork depicting a leopard shark entirely out of wood inlay. The piece is comprised of stained Mahogany for the water, stained figured Maple for the body of the shark, Walnut for the spots as well as Redwood and Lacewood for the kelp. She's varnished in two coats of crystal clear uv-inhibiting artresin so the piece can be hung in full sunlight and the luminous 3 dimensional characteristics of the tightly figured wood grain can shimmer in it's unique glory without fading. Hangs easily and securely on a French Cleat. Dimensions 15&5/8" H x 80&¾"

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