The Cobalt Coast

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"The Cobalt Coast " Live edge art piece

Dimensions: (20"H x 76"L x 1&⅜"D)

Wood type: Locally Sourced San Diego live edge Chinaberry wood!

From the "Waves in the Wood" series

This is a painting I found within the grain lines of a singular board. It's an arial perspective of a fantasy coastline where the grain lines become the "Waves in the Wood" and was created with a process I've pioneered myself in which I paint with tinted resin. This non-yellowing ultra uv-resistant 'art resin' self leveling epoxy I use is specifically designed to ensure the preservation and protection of both the woodwork and the integrity of these beautiful colors! The glossy sheen finish also makes it washable with glass cleaner. The piece comes with it's own "French Cleat" for quick, easy and super secure hanging. All sides of this piece are sealed. Enjoy!

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The artwork of Mac Hillenbrand 

"painting with wood and resin"

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