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The artwork of Mac Hillenbrand 

"painting with wood and resin"

Custom Prints

Want to order a Commissioned original?
Look at what I can make for you... 
Incase you didn't already know... I offer custom commissioned paintings in colored marquetry wood inlay as well as all my other unique styles I've innovated.  And unlike pretty much every other artist out there, when you commission me to make you a piece I'll often make several versions and than give you your choice!  Indeed this is a unique and incredible service I'm offering and I'd be thrilled to discuss my process with you.  
 Maybe You've remodeled... Why not have custom jaw dropping artwork to enrich your life and accentuate the architecture...?  Any time a person gets custom artwork made they're choosing to surround them self with what they love.  What's meaningful to them.  Unique in what I can offer you in this pursuit, is how I can take what you find meaningful and amplify it within the three-dimensionality of nature's hologram aka wood grain.  By employing the shimmering, abundantly affectatious beauty embedded in the wood I can make paintings that provide a lifetime of depth, sing when the light falls upon them and meet your glance according to your approach.  
Pricing based upon Dimension ~ marquetry art: $3 / sq" 
Here's a simple overview of my commission process
step 1:   You call or email to let me know what you're thinking you'd like.  If you'd like, We can set an appointment for me to come see where you intend to have the art live.  That way I can discuss what might work best and get dimensions. 
Step 2:  I'll email you over a simple mock up with both a price and time of delivery quote.
Step 3:  Once we decide upon the proposed size and look of the piece I'll email you over my very straight forward commission contract for you to review and sign.  With a singed contract and initial 50% payment received we're then off and running.
Step 4:  I do the work,  The inspiration based hard, tedious and specialized work often producing multiple specified versions of the piece.  Perhaps 4-6 unique and numbered originals  all made simultaneously from different species of wood.  This gives me aesthetic  choices with my wood types and my patrons their choice of which piece they like best!
Step 5:  This is the best step.  I meet up with my patron and showcase the multiple versions of the piece all at once so they can choose which one is "The One." I receive the remaining 50% payment and if requested I'll personally hand deliver and install the work to anywhere in San Diego.  
  just email or Call me to discuss the details of your project.  I'm happy to give you a quote for anything you need.  
Mac Hillenbrand: mac@amberwavesofgrain.gallery(858) 625-1883.  
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