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The artwork of Mac Hillenbrand 

"painting with wood and resin"

Custom Prints

Greetings Interior Designers...

Need to truly mesmerize your clients...?

commission me to adapt a photograph into a painting in                                                   marquetry wood inlay!

Marquetry is a traditional furniture veneering art form I use to create contemporary painting out of wood inlay.  As a graduate of The American School of French Marquetry I've been trained in the traditional approaches to this medium however I'm on an artistic conquest to develop new approaches in making paintings out of wood which enable me to bring my own artistic visions to life.  specifically, I've developed a way of creating colored marquetry art which I varnish under a uv inhibiting resin.  This way I employ a never 

before realized palette of colors combining natural wood tones with stainwork, and

none of it fades!  This is why when people see my work they often tell me "they've never seen anything like it."  And, also why I've been gaining some traction in the local art scene, being named one of the "50 to watch" and having my works featured in the Del Mar Art Center Gallery, KAABOO 16' contemporary art showcase and Del Mar's International Design in Wood Competition.

Aside from the colored marquetry art I also use my staining dyes to create completely original abstract paintings within resin.  I've also started taking the process and creating works on plexiglass so that pieces can be hung in front of windows and cast a burst of prismatic colors around a room.  Essentially, I'm working as hard as I can to invent a few new mediums here.  So I implore you to take a look and ask your self these three questions;

1) have I ever seen anything like this? 2) Does this artist seem like he is on to something? 

3) Do I want to work with somebody elevating what's possible?  

The Birch Islands
The Birch Islands

This a painting out solid Birch from my "Waves In The Wood" series (6" x 72" x 1")

"Some Blue Velvet Morning Pond"
"Some Blue Velvet Morning Pond"

An abstract resin painting on wood. I did this piece to have a presence of tranquility in a room. I can recreate this rippling water effect and custom make this piece to any dimension (24" x 48" x ½")

Teros Gallery Solo Show
Teros Gallery Solo Show

Look it's me the artist with my art at My Teros Gallery solo show.

The Birch Islands
The Birch Islands

This a painting out solid Birch from my "Waves In The Wood" series (6" x 72" x 1")

Did I mention I'm also a licensed C-33 painting contractor and have been for over ten years?  I've already been making my living delivering professional timely work to property professionals like yourself my whole adult life...  This means I'm available for custom paint jobs too.  I also have a degree in film from UCSC.  When you put it altogether I'm a ground breaking contemporary woodworking artist out of Del Mar who's a college educated, licensed tradesman handy with a camera.   But for good measure you should know I also happen to have started and ran one of the most respected underground gallery/music venues in the Bay area, "The French Fry Factory." (Oakland 03'-05') I mention this in the hopes that perhaps some of you might have clients, for whom knowing that the person who made their artwork is somebody with some tangible accomplishments in the art world, is of interest.
Pricing?  It's 25% off for you Interior designers! Feel free to browse my online store of available works to see my prices for various types of works than know that I will give you a 25% off B2B property professional discount!  Just email me for your designer discount code.  Or if you would like to see the work in person I'm happy to set up an appointment with you to do a private showing perhaps at one of the galleries where I have my work:)   
Currently my prices range from $25 - $1,500 for what I have in my inventory of pieces ranging up to 10' long!  For my commissioned work I utilize a fixed price based upon a price per square inch depending on the the style of the painting you want.  Essentially, the price is More for hand cut marquetry wood inlay pieces and less for resin art pieces.  But I want to make it work for you!  My hope is to establish a consistent price point that is conducive to consistent fruitful and happy business partnerships with you designers and other property professionals.  I'm also very much interested in creating
deals to do a thematic set of work for an entire property.  just email or Call me to discuss the details of your project.  I'm happy to give you a quote for anything you need.  
Mac Hillenbrand: mac@amberwavesofgrain.gallery(858) 625-1883.  
Time of Delivery.  you're coming to me to get something truly incredible that's also hand made.  None the less, in a week and I can make you a really nice marquetry wood inlay piece like the ones I've done depicting the coast of Del Mar, start to Finish.  Or In the same amount of time I can either do quite a few resin art pieces, 'Waves In The Wood' or 'Don't Go Chasing Waterfall' series pieces in which I surmount the challenge of using the grain characteristics of a singular board to create a painting!   
I'll walk you through the process of placing an order... You call or email me to discuss your project.  We can then make arrangements to meet up in person either where you intend to install the work or at the Del Mar Plaza where I have my work in the Del Mar Art Center Gallery.  My studio where I actually create the work is right down the street.   Upon meeting I can show you my work in person, take measurements and introduce myself and what I do to your clients if you so desire.  I'll then email you a formal proposal, a contract and a digital invoice.  If you want to move forward I'll take an initial payment for the materials, create a digital mock up of the project, agree upon a final design with you and start creating your pieces.  After successful completion of the work I'll then receive the remaining balance.  I'm then happy to hand deliver the piece, install the work if needed and photo/document the artwork in it's new home.  
Now after a career of professional contracting I know how important it is to deliver work on time so I'm going to give you a realistic time quote and than meet it.  My Clients have been so happy with my work they often insist on becoming a reference for me.  This endearing offer they make affords you the possibility of speaking with them should you so desire.
How will I actually make your painting out of wood inlay...?  
I draft a design usually from a photo I shoot, find the right veneer, assemble a packet of this veneer in just the right positions, hand cut the work on a scroll saw, individually stain various pieces, keep all the pieces organized and assemble them together as they fit, glue the piece down to a substrate backer board, trim/crop the piece to dimension, veneer the edges of the piece, make sure everything is looking good or perform any additional veneer fixes to the surface of the piece, engrave my signature in the wood, varnish the backside with spar varnish, install the French Cleat hanging hardware and then varnish the surface and sides of the piece with non-toxic self leveling uv inhibiting 'Art Resin!' Luckily it only takes a day to dry before the piece can be installed!  Once the resin fully cures after several days the piece becomes washable.  This makes my artwork Ideal for Medical offices or other commercial settings.   
Now There's a reason why I'm the only person offering you this sort of artwork and that's because it takes a lot of skill and patience but the end result is nothing short of amazing.  You may be intrigued to know that multiple art pieces can be produced at once if you would like to order two versions of a marquetry art piece.  This can cut both the time of production and cost / piece in half for you!  
So to review what I'm offering you...
* custom made commissioned colored marquetry wood inlay * Abstract Resin Art like you've never seen * prismatic "Light Caster" paintings for windows * Locally and skillfully Made *  A 10 years + licensed painting contractor delivering excellent work on schedule * Classy yet contemporary art * Natural wood grain aesthetics orchestrating light like never before * Modern Art Resin technology locking in colors permanently * washable resin surface ideal for medical / commercial offices * Private showcases available by appointment for you or your client * Friendly relations by an educated professional you can bring infront of the clients * a 25% Discount for all Decorators * Consistent price per square Inch quotes * The opportunity to order two variations of the same piece at once * Whole House prices to do multiple thematic pieces for an entire project * Unique original Pieces made by an artist who seeks the challenge of creating better and better work for you and your clients
Indeed, Amber Waves of Grain is offering you more than just "surf art out of wood."  This is a professional decorative art service by a working artist/ licensed contractor who's offering you the opportunity to blow clients minds and melt their hearts with new design aesthetics in wood decor + all my sleek and sexy resin art! 
"Thank you again Mac! We are art collectors (we have original Chagall’s, Peter Max, George Rodrigue (Blue Dog) Alexandra Nikita, Jean Peltier, A.Y. Jackson and the like) so we know and appreciate good art. Your art is a fine addition to our collection.  Best regards" ~ Linda Belzberg


But You're a smart cookie... so put it together and take an honest appraisal of what you're being offered here and by who...Really innovative aesthetically classy artworks out of wood and resin by an artist on the rise looking to create new business partnerships.  This solicitation to you Interior designers is going out to every one of you in San Diego because I owe it to my family to do the very best business I can.  Some lucky few who do proceed to working with me, by your own simple volition, can shape this diamond in the rough without an advertising budget into your own secret art vendor who thrills the clients and gives you true command over the dominion of the contemporary!   And then of course you can take all the credit:)  
Sincerely hoping to hear from you, 
Mac Hillenbrand  contractors's license# 894610       
Cell: (858) 625-1883    
email: Mac@amberwavesofgrain.gallery   
Website: www.amberwavesofgrain.gallery              
Instagram: @amber_waves_of_art 
Facebook: surfingamberwavesofgrain