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The artwork of Mac Hillenbrand 

"painting with wood and resin"

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"Punta Mita" 4 of 4

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-This piece was awarded 1st place at the Del Mar Fair "Design in Wood" competition-

"Punta Mita" 4 of 4

Dimensions (23 &3/4"H X 36"L X 5/8"W)

This is an original marquetry wood inlay depiction of Punta Mita in mainland Mexico. This piece is number 2 of 4 original artworks created simultaneously from different woods. Employed in the production of this work are veneer from about 20 species of trees either individually stained with tinted shellac or left in natural wood tones, cut piece by piece and painstakingly assembled and laminated to a 5/8” wood substrate before being varnished under three coats of UV-inhibiting Artresin’. The piece is signed in the wood, veneered on the edges and comes with nice sturdy French Cleat hanging hardware. All sides of this piece are sealed.

My award winning Punta Mita series is the highest achievement of my marquetry wood inlay skills to date. The work required more than a 1,000 hours over the course of a year and a half. It is easily the most intricate artwork I've ever made. I like to think of effort put into this work as akin to that which would be required to get it a PHD in something. ) - Mac Hillenbrand

**Note to Buyer**This work has been accepted into the 2023 "Design in Wood" woodworking showcase at the San Diego County (aka Del Mar) fair and is readily available for purchase though can not be delivered until the show commences shortly after 7/4/23

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